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Film-less Holographic Coating

This unique process gives 3D or holographic effect to any conventional printing on paper or board. It does not use any film as done in the lamination process. Hence it is environment friendly and fully recyclable.

This is a patented technology and it is not possible to reproduce this effect without special material and technology. So it is almost impossible to produce counterfeits. Only a handful at press in the world have this technology. Conventional holographic stickers, can be detached from the original and can be applied on the duplicate. This technology integrates the holographic pattern with the paper/card, so the effect can not be detached from the substrate.


It is possible to apply the effect on the entire sheet or on selected areas (spot application). There are various holographic patterns to choose from. Customized designs including logo can also be specially developed. The coating gives extra protection like rub resistance, extra gloss to printing. It also repeals water to certain extent.


Unlike the conventional holographic effect it does not require metalized film and can be applied on any substrate hence it is extremely cost effective. No special arrangement like allotment of special area is required at the design time. From the designer's point of view, it works just like spot varnish or spot UV. In short, designer is free to express the creativity without the bother of keeping as aside any space for holographic sticker.


10 Micron Printing
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