Kodak Prinergy Evo Powerpack Digital Workflow

One of the morst preffered workflow. Perfect combination of commercial and packaging capabilities.

Advanced trapping
DotShop for multiple screens on the same page
PREPS for JDF based page imposition software
PANDORA for dieline based step & repeate/nesting imposing of labels and folding cartons


Kodak TRENDSETTER QUANTUM III with squarespot

Second generation stochastic screening with capability to expose 10 micron


Kodak MatchPrint Color Matching System

Profile based matching system for accurate color matching




Mitsubishi Diamond 3000LS with 6 color + coater

Six colors + dryer + flexo coater + extended delivery with UV capabilities
CIPS4 connectivity for integration with pre-press
Online spectrophotmetric reader for color consistency
16000 impressions per hour




Offline coater for film-less holographic coating

Offline roller coater
Thermal Lamination
Conventional (cold) lamination
Conventional (cold) lamination
Perfect binding
Saddle Stitching with loop pin
Muller Martini saddle stitcher 321