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Micro-text is a proven feature used in security printing. With new technologies like very high resolution platesetters and extremely fine screening technologies like FM stochastic 10 micron screening, take the old technique like micro-text to a totally new dimension.

In this method a line or design is created using very small text. To naked eye it appears like a line but when viewed with a magnifier the text is readable and can be verified. The text gets lost and becomes a line when scanned or photocopied. A few more smart features can be added at the design time to make it more difficult to duplicate.


We have Trendsetter Quantum III platesetter from Kodak which delivers an effective resolution of almost 10,000 Dots per inch. This device can render very small text as small as 0.5 point size in unbelievably sharp raster. Hence we can take the micro-texting to a new level. A level that is hard to achieve using the conventional methods of positives, CTCP plates or even lower-end CTPs.


The power of Trendsetter, a state of the art printing machine with ultra modern color management systems, and with the 10 micron frequency modulated halftone screen -- the smallest printable dot on an offset machine in the whole world combined with our technical know-how can produce many wonderful results. Since nobody else has ability to use 10 micron screen in India, our ability to print the best micro-test is quite unique and unparalleled.


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